Community Planning

What does your community’s Comprehensive Plan say about wildfire? How effective is your local Community Wildfire Protection Plan in preparing your neighborhood? What actions will you and other community members take to recover from a wildfire disaster?

We work with communities to ask these questions and provide solutions. Specific services include review, analysis, updating and content development for local community plans and regulations, such as:

Community Wildfire Protection Plans
Wildland-Urban Interface Codes
Comprehensive, General, and Master Plans
Land Development and Zoning Codes
Local Hazard Mitigation Plans
Pre- and Post-Disaster Recovery Plans
Sustainability and Climate Change Plans

Home and Community Risk Assessments

How many exits does your community have for evacuating during a wildfire? What type of trees and other vegetation surround your property? What is the condition, class and materials used on roofs throughout at-risk neighborhoods?

We offer property and community assessments to determine where your home, property, neighborhood or community is most vulnerable to wildfire based on current conditions. If applicable, we work with other professionals to develop a local wildfire risk map to inform future planning. We will also advise you and your community on tips and resources to help implement your risk reduction activities.

Meeting Facilitation, Outreach and Trainings

Which stakeholders should participate in a Community Wildfire Protection Plan update? What are the right questions to ask when revising your Wildland-Urban Interface Code? What are the most effective ways to engage residents in providing input?

We want to make sure you have the right discussions to inform your wildfire planning activities. We facilitate meetings, conduct public outreach, and advise community leaders on the development of wildfire councils and committees. We also provide trainings to educate staff, residents, and local leaders on wildfire mitigation topics.